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Even at the affordable prices we offer, we cooperate with top-of-the line medical clinics in Turkey, with themost experienced specialists in their fields. Save more with us and rest-assured that you are receiving treatment from only the best clinics and specialists in Turkey.

The standard of Turkish medicine is top quality because of the renowned high standard of medical education. We are happy to help you find the best medical services for your needs.

We have put together a network of Turkey´s most professional doctors to give you a wide range of medical and aesthetical /cosmetical services.
After analizing your inquiry and information we will guide you to our doctors and maintain our customer services through the whole procedure from beginning to the end to ensure you get a high quality full service all along.

MEDITRAVELCARE Health-Care Tourism smoothly facilitates everything for you
and your family because it quickly handles formalities, thanks to its international and national offices and broad network.


Our mission is to ensure the delivery of the right health-care tourism services to the right patient by experienced and skilful health-care professionals team and institutions, at reasonable prices, in a patient-centered way with an emphasis on quality.



To contribute to the branding of Turkey, through delivery of professional health-care tourism services, in a holistic way.


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