The dental implant is an artificial tooth root (made of an appropriate material) that is implanted in the jaw bone to reconstruct the absent dental and aesthetic function. It is a safer and a functional treatment compared with conventional crowns, banding (bridgeworks) and palatal prosthesis. The dental implant became a widely known and used word in daily language in public. The dental implant is a scientific concept which has been introduced in dentistry in the last 20 years. When we consider the meaning of dental implant; dental means ‘’about tooth’’ and implant means ‘’the thing that is placed or put in a tissue’’. Dental implant is a prosthetic structure; made of titanium and is placed in or on the jaw bone providing a complementation of the absent tooth and completes the regions that lose tooth in the mouth by working as a base and a handle. In simple terms, an implant is an artificial tooth placed in the jaw bone that functions as a natural tooth. The implants provide the same comfort by replacing the new artificial teeth with the ones lost in time and construct the quality of life. 

What is the procedure of dental implant? 

The dental implant procedure begins with the unification of a small titanium screw and abutment covering on it; which are completely compatible with human body and these two are covered with a dental crown (porcelain or zirconium) in the last step. The titanium screw described above is an artificial tooth root copes with the jaw bone that takes the role of natural tooth root. The implant treatment can easily be applied to one or more teeth which were lost. The patients who have undergone an implant treatment can live their routine life in the same day after treatment. 

In the clinic environment, the implant treatment begins with applying local anesthesia. For our patients who have worries about surgical procedures, sedation and local anesthesia are applied before an implant procedure. After anesthesia, gums are opened with the surgical procedure and the jaw bone is revealed. A small guide hole is drilled in the jaw bone. As the next step the guide hole is enlarged in a manner so that the implant can be placed properly. This stepwise manner provides a reduced traumatic effect on the jaw bone. Then the implant is placed in the jaw bone by screwing through that hole. 

Following the placement of the implant screw, a protective cap cover screw is placed on it; next we will have to wait for osseointegration (ostification of the implant) and recovery of the implant region. The opened gum region is closed with a surgical stitch and a waiting period of a few months for the recovery begins.   

After a few months, the protective screw is removed and a permanent crown is placed on the dental implant. This permanent crown works as a template for gums to form themselves naturally and grow around it. After the reformation of gums, the permanent crown is replaced with a persistent crown (porcelain or zirconium tooth) and the treatment is completed. After completion of thetreatment, your recovery will be more rapid with the suggestions of your doctor and appropriate medication. 

The latest technology in the implant treatment is HELBO. HELBO is the most sophisticated laser technology in the implant treatment. HELBO shortens the course of treatment, vaporates the infected areas to create a healthy tissue and strengthens the connection of the implant to the bone. HELBO is also performed by our dental team.



The color and form disturbances can affect the individual in such a way that they may pose some problems; even psychological ones. The development of aesthetic and restorative materials allowsconvenient solutions to many problems regarding form, color and position disturbances. At this point, the smile reconstruction takes an important role.

What exactly is Smile Reconstruction? 

Performing the combination of medicine and art smile reconstruction is to recreate your personal, ideal smile. This means giving you a winning smile combining health and naturalness with respect to your individual requests.

Where do we begin to reconstruct your smile? 

There are different factors that determine the aesthetic smile impression which suites you best, for example

  • Structure of your face 
  • Symmetry of your smile 
  • Array and the color of your teeth  
  • Shape and color of your lips 
  • Condition of your gums 

The reconstruction of smile begins with the concept of which geometric shape suits the features of your face. The features of an individual’s face constitute the codes about the form of the teeth that need to be selected. 

The anatomy of man and woman differs from each other. The features of the face are sharper and more prominent in men. The ratios of the forehead to the nose and the tip of chin differ from the ratios for women. The transitions are smoother and the nose and eyebrow arches are more obscure in woman. These features are also applicable for the dental structure. 

We work with a team of specialized doctors in particular branches such as aesthetic dentistry, implant surgery and modern prostheses, root canal therapy, pedodontics (child dentistry) andorthodontics. Our professional point of view is to offer solutions for a healthy and aesthetic smile through a treatment without pain in a sterile environment. For more information please contact us. 


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