What is Uveitis?

A sheath of 3 layers surrounds the gel-like substance at the center of the eyeball. The middle layer is called the “uvea”. Inflammation of the uvea is called “uveitis“. Uveitis may affect any or all of the layers called the iris, choroid and ciliary body, the three of which are named the uvea together.

The uvea is now considered a separate field of speciality for eye doctors. The diagnosis and treatment of uvea-related diseases are increasingly supported by developments in immunology (science of immunity) and genetics.

The most important factors in successful treatment are early diagnosis, collaboration between the doctor and patient, and accurate therapy. The damaged eye can be saved most of the time if these conditions are met.

Even if the treatment is completed, the patient should be monitored at least every three months. Since the disease can recur without being noticed, control visits should not be missed. The ophthalmologist should be informed about any different signs of other organs. For example, aphthae in the mouth, spots on the skin, rheumatic symptoms etc.

Uveitis is a very complicated disease and may have a different course in every patient. Treatment is unique for every person, as is the course of disease. It is essential that the drug dose to be used for treatment is determined by experienced doctors who are specialized in the uvea.

Symptoms of Uveitis

When it forms in the front part of the eye, the symptoms of uveitis include redness in the eye, blurred vision, pain around the eye, oversensitivity to light and eye floaters. If uveitis is mainly localized in the rear part of the eye, blurred vision is the most common symptom. If uveitis involves the visual center, sudden reduction of vision and loss of vision due to tissue damage occurs. The main symptoms of uveitis developing outside the central region include:

  • Eye redness
  • Watering of the eyes
  • Light sensitivity and glare
  • Spotty and blurry vision or severe loss of vision
  • Sudden flashes
  • Pain in the eyeball


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